This consulting practice is based in the analysis of the communication in a company, in its different forms (internal, external and institutional).

Internal Communication
An active and effective internal communication

Favors a quick and fluid information flow
Permits efficient tasks coordination.
Fidelise employees
Facilitates group integration
Improves labor climate

External Communication
Intervening in external communication

Enables public communication from the company
Permits businesses to present itself and stand-out from competition
Makes possible the diffusion of the way of being and doing, not only of its products and services.

Corporate Image
This consulting practice implies

Developing a positive company image based on its own identity.
Adjust the coherence between what is said and what is done.
Transmit the culture and values of the organization to different audiences.


We offer courses for those business people who wants to improve their communication as well as that of their company, either external or internal, and to transmit a positive image, locally and globally. Course content was specially developed to orient business people in the way communication works, its impact, its shortcomings and the generation of proactive attitudes.


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