Create value for our customers by means of knowledge transference.
To be an enterprise which respects individuals and let them grow personally and professionally, giving the best service to our customers.


Permanent actualization
To achieve this purpose we need continuous training and constant motivation so that the team reach its goals.

Became business process facilitators
We aim to assist other business reach their business objectives.

Allow individual development and advance collectively
We want to establish a business model that not only reaches profitability but also permits our people to realize and develop themselves in their work.

    Attain excellence in consulting and education, extending our knowledge and maintaining our values.

Because we are loyal to our customer and people .
Because before selling a service we consider specific customer needs and we advise in consequence even if that means we wont be benefited commercially.

Because we abide by our compromises.

Because continuous education is one of the differentiators to be on par with market requirements.

Thanks to the team that make Santa Monica Consulting.
Because we deliver courses certified by international entities.

Human value
Because we always have in mind personal needs over other interests.


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