This practice is based on planing, re-engineering and elaboration of strategies for the area.

Usually includes

Critical success factors identification
Study of IT trends
Competency analysis
Analyzing business requirements to develop an IT strategy aligned with those needs.

Implementation of Unix y Windows platforms, covering
Services (Application/Network) administrations tools
Applications, networks and IT infrastructure
Security solutions implementation


Santa Monica Consulting offers IT training, aimed to executives, users and technical professionals.

Training areas include

ITIL Foundation
ITIL Practitioner
Project Management

Unix (hp-ux, tru64, solaris, linux)
Fundamentals, Administration and Advanced Administration
Tuning and Troubleshooting
High Availability

Administration Software
Backup and Recovery (Storage Data Protector)
Networks (OV Network Node Manager)
Servers, Applications and services (OV Operations)
IT administration (OV Service Desk)


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